At ISHU, we believe we have the opportunity to use our knowledge and understanding of solar power to help people transform their lives, from protection from digital privacy intrusion to clever and helpful solar solutions. We use light in innovative ways to produce clothing and accessories that are stylish, functional and ethically made. But we aren’t stopping there. Along with every purchase, ISHU also donates sustainable solar powered lights to energy impoverished countries around the world.

After spending the last few years servicing just an exclusive, high profile segment of the population with anti-flash fashion technology, we’ve made the conscious decision to release our lifestyle vision to the masses. Now you can protect yourself from unwanted public exposure by wearing your favorite ISHU pieces.

What’s next? We’re taking invisibility to another level, working on products with hidden messaging that only appears when light is flashed on it, to help you discretely share your story. The future of ISHU will bring you solar charging capabilities built-in to your fashion choices, allowing you to energize your technology wirelessly and on the go. You’ll be able to reuse solar energy to power your daily life, while walking down the street, sitting at a restaurant or even hanging out on the beach, all while staying invisible to the outside world.

Through high fashion solar technology infused products and a strong belief in doing good for all, the team here at ISHU works with you to change the world behind the scenes, one solar light at a time.

ISHU empowers everyone to protect themselves against privacy intrusion. Use your ISHU fashion technology to decide whether or not you show up in photos online; make it your choice to share important hidden messages, and have the freedom to harness solar power to charge your essential devices without anyone knowing. Choose to be invisible.

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