Innovative Fashion-Tech Brand, ISHU, Makes McLarens Invisible

The pioneering brand, ISHU, has teamed up with McLaren to create two custom designed cars, a 570GT and a 720S, that have been wrapped with ISHU nanotechnology and Deadmau5 insignia, which can be seen outside the first ever Deadmau5 pop-up store in Soho, London.

In addition to the nanotech wrap on the outside of the two McLarens that makes the cars invisible to camera flash, ISHU also added solar panels to the vehicles, along with a wireless charging console in the center of the car. Coinciding with ISHU’s new collection that dropped in December of 2018, the brand also showcased official ISHU McLaren merchandise at the pop-up.

The brand’s most popular product, known as the anti-paparazzi scarf, was exclusively designed for the McLaren event. Ten individually numbered pieces were exclusively available to purchase in store only for the duration of the pop-up.  Other partners at the event included TIDAL, Kid Robot, WrapStyle, MetaThreads, SCUF Gaming & TRBL.

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