Big Old News: You Can (And Should) Wear Earrings

Jewellery in all forms has traditionally been considered a feminine form of accessorising, but that’s out the window in 2022 - and we are catching up. Men can now learn from the younger generations and experiment when considering the flashier side of accenting outfits. Stack those rings, layer those necklaces and don’t hesitate to add some earrings. 

While you can start off with simple metals and designs, why not consider utilising diamonds to accent your chain necklace or signet ring? Pearls have also notably become a popular item with fashionable creatives, opening the door of experimentation for the world of jewellery for men. 

Out With The Backpack, In With The Rig Bag

Techwear has paved the way for innovative forms of bodily storage that are sleek, stylish but remain functional and comfortable - introducing the body rig bag. Not only is it a practical and contemporary addition to your outfits, it’s also a gentle introduction into a presumably complicated fashion aesthetic. You can immediately upgrade a minimal outfit with the addition of a body harness or chest rig. 

In addition to this, other bags can be just as fashionable as we’re seeing a resurfacing of men wearing tote bags, waist packs and phone pouches. As always, a sophisticated duffel bag is a classic go-to if you’re looking for something more suitable for a weekend trip or holiday — bonus points if it’s quality leather. 

Keep Cosy With An Oversized Scarf

There is no better time to upgrade your scarf collection. Along the fashionable streets of Paris and Copenhagen, we’re especially seeing an emergence of large, oversized scarves that look to cover the face and almost trail across the floor behind you. A dramatic statement piece that keeps you cosy and sophisticated.

Consider ISHU’s signature scarf. Adorned with the iconic ISHU pattern and anti-flash reflective technology, it’s the perfect addition to your collection if you’re looking for a stylish and versatile piece to help you stand out from the crowd. 

A Timeless Addition To Your Wardrobe

A classy watch will make heads turn. Minimalist watches have become increasingly popular within the last few years, cementing that you don’t necessarily need something busier and brighter to stand out.

Sometimes, less can simply be more. Not only are they slick, minimal watches are also highly adaptable and compliment almost every outfit. Due to their infinite possibilities and versatile look, they are gradually becoming a consumer favourite. 

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